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Female Body Shapes

Find out what works for your body shape with Ladiesfashionsense

It’s easy to find out what works for you by using our style guide. Here, you'll be able to figure out exactly what suits your body shape so you'll be able to buy clothes that make you look and feel fabulous.
Types of body shapes
Everyone’s body is made differently so instead of trying to look like someone else start to feel confident with yourself and find a style that will complement your shape. To help you we have put together a useful guide to buying clothes for your body shape so you can figure out what suits you.
 Triangle Or Pear Shape: Your Torso and  upper body small than your hips  with waist definition
A Pear shaped body is where your hips are wider than your shoulders. In order to achieve a proportionate balance you should invest in a pair of straight legged trousers or A-line skirts teamed with loose fitting tops. Choose dresses with empire waist line or a wrap dress which will flow over the hip area. Accentuate your bust area with low necklines or accessories with that will draw the attention away from the hip area. Do use color on top, wide neck lines accentuate your waist and wear dark colors on the bottom. These will emphasize your bust and draw attention to your face, a halter top that ties at the neck will give the shoulders the appearance of width they need, and this will help balance out your hips and thighs.

 What to Wear:

  • Scoop, boat neck, v-neck, halterneck,or styles that visually extend your shoulder line and expose your neck
  • Styles with pleating, ruffles or extra details accentuating the bust area
  • Belts, cinchers, empire silhouettes and wrap-around dresses
  • Cocktail length dresses, maxi-style dresses, and a-line skirts
  • Boot-cut, wide leg or flared jeans and trousers to elongate and deemphasize fullness of legs

What not to Wear:

  • Turtlenecks or styles that hide the neck
  • Blouson styled tops. Dropped waist dresses. Tulip shaped skirts
  • Super narrow pencil skirts (though classic pencil could be flattering on some triangles)
  • Extra skinny, baggy or carrot leg pants

Inverted Triangle:   Torso and upper body wider than your hips  with little waist definition

Your body figure starts broader on top and narrows as it gets down to your feet. This is great to know because you can clearly see what styles work best for you. Starting from top to bottom, you consider yourself to be top-heavy with broad shoulders, wide upper back, and full breasts. These features can be quite an asset and most clothing looks great on you. To achieve a perfectly balanced silhouette your proportionally narrow hips can be the focal point of attraction. You can really have fun with the colors and shapes of the bottoms


 What to Wear:

  • Asymmetrical, v-neck, or styles that elongate the neckline
  • Styles with sweetheart bodice to accentuate bust shape
  • Bottoms that are lighter in color to create balance with top
  • Pencil, a-line, or flared skirts

What not to Wear:

  • Light or bright colored tops paired with dark bottoms
  • Very wide and off-shoulder necklines that widen the frame
  • Structured, stiff fabrics
  • Big collars. Shoulder pads. Puff sleeves

Diamond Or Apple Shape: Torso and upperbody wider than your hips with little to no waist definition. You carry your weight around yor waist. ToT T 

Your face, neck, and bust are proportionate to each other and your balanced thighs, shapely legs, and amazing arms accent your voluptuous assets. The greatest concern you have is your midsection and the challenges you face are extra weight around the mid-section area, which sometimes include the "love handles". Often, this means you don't have a defined waistline. Another challenge is finding a balance between your broad hips and generous thighs while enhancing the flatness of your bottom and elongating your slender lower legs.

What to Wear:

  • Cowl, scoop, v-neck, and styles exposing the neck
  • Sleeves 3/4, 5/8 and bracelet-length
  • Details designed to draw the attention to your shoulders and face – earrings, necklaces etc
  • Monochromatic looks. Un-tucked tops. Flat-front pants
  • Princess seams, dropped waist, blouson styled tops
  • 'Peak' empire waist. High slits. Straight, tiered, tulip and trumpet skirts

What not to Wear:

  • Turtlenecks or styles that cover-up neckline
  • Designs with horizontal stripes, heavy pleating, ruffles, or extra details at the midsection
  • Super-clingy and very fitted styles. Full-length sleeves
  • Pants with front pleats. Wide leg and baggy styles

Rectangle ShapeTorso and upper body are the same width as your hips with little waist definition

 Tors  T  T   T     Women who have rectangle figures have relatively equal bust and hip measurements, just as a woman who has an hourglass shape does. However, a woman with a rectangle-shaped figure doesn't have a defined waistline. There's little difference in waist measurement when compared to bust and/or hip measurements, so the rectangle shape is more or less straight up and down.You have great hips, balanced thighs, shapely legs, amazing arms, and a body frame that's perfectly in line with all the body parts. A challenge you may encounter is creating curves with your feminine shape. Your neck is short with fullness at the nape, your bust size is moderate in comparison to your whole body and, because your rib cage is more pronounced, forming a defined waistline may prove to be more difficult feat for you. Also, your derriere is pretty average (and that's alright!) so your body proportions are paralleled nicely with your moderate thighs and slender legs.


 What to Wear:

  • Necklines that fall below your collarbone to elongate your neck and upper body
  • Styles with sweetheart and empire bodice to accentuate feminine shape
  • Tops with bust frills, rushing, breast pocket detail, front panel detail and pleating
  • Bias cut dresses, layering looks, draped styles, blousy tops, bootleg pants, ruffles and other feminine details
  • Wide belts and cinchers could create a definition of the waist, and pencil skirts or fuller skirts add to a womanly

What not to Wear:

  • Turtlenecks or styles that cover-up neckline
  • Structured fabrics, baggy jeans, cropped pants
  • Super-clingy, loose or very fitted styles. Full-length sleeves
  • Short cropped jackets that end at your waist
  • Pants with front pleats,straight leg and baggy style,high-waist bottom

Hourglass Shape:    Hourglass      HouTorso and upper body are the width with well defined waist definition
This is considered to be the perfect body shape. Hips and shoulders are balanced with a defined waistline. You can practically wear any style of clothing! However, if your waist is small and your hips curvy then it is important not to draw too much attention to the waist area as it will make your hips look even larger. Tops with V necks or scooped necklines will do the trick. Wrap around tops are also great for emphasizing your waist. Tops that sit at your waist are another great look for you. Halter tops are great on you, as they show off your shapely shoulders. Cropped jackets look great or slightly looser tops that don’t cling too tight at the waist. Skirts, ¾ length or full length with a long slit or crease in the front will make you look taller, thinner and sexier.

What to Wear:

  • Ruffles or softly draped details over the bust and neckline
  • Open collars, asymmetrical details, v-neck, or styles that expose the neckline
  • Styles with embellishments, ties, or extra details at the empire waistline
  • Cincher waist belts to accentuate waistline, flared skirts, fitted bodices
  • Wrap or faux wrap tops and dresses, wide leg pants

What not to Wear:

  • Unfitted or oversized tops w/o belt, dropped waist dresses
  • Short length tops, stiff, bulky, fabrics
  • Capris or cropped pants, very tapered or straight leg pants, baggy styles, and knife pleated skirts


Oval Shape Or Apple Shape Torso and upper body are wider than your hips  with little or no waist definition

You are voluptuous and ample! You have an adorable face with cheeks that are full and squeezable. The length of your neck appears short but you have beautiful ample breasts. Your shoulders could be prominent or average-sized, and they have a tendency to be slightly sloped. Your arms could look proportionate when compared to your upper torso. So, it balances out nicely. Some dressing challenges you may face are your front midsection "tummy" and your undefined waistline. However, your greatest asset is the bottom portion of your body. You have hips that look narrower relative to your entire body, thighs that are balanced, and legs that are amazingly shapely.

What to Wear:

  • Asymmetrical, cowl, scoop, boat, v-neck, or any style that exposes the neckline
  • Sleeves 3/4, 5/8 and bracelet-length
  • Lighter bottoms, darker tops. Un-tucked tops. Flat-front pants
  • Princess seams, dropped waist, blouson styled tops, faux wrap dresses, draped silhouettes
  • 'Peak' empire waist. High slits. Straight, tiered, tulip and trumpet skirts

What not to Wear:

  • Turtlenecks or styles that cover-up neckline
  • Designs with horizontal stripes, heavy pleating, ruffles, or extra details at the midsection
  • Classic empire waist, combi-dress, warp-around dresses with full skirts
  • Super-clingy and very fitted styles. Full-length sleeves
  • Pants with front pleats. Wide leg and baggy styles. High-waist bottoms


Useful tips
  • Don’t give to fashion fad. What looks good on a pear body shape may not look good on triangle.
  • Look in the mirror and get to know your body. Everyone is different so feel confident with your body shape and choosing the right clothes will enhance your figure and confidence.  
  •  Know your body shape and be comfortable.  Keep the tips in mind when looking at your wardrobe, selecting new apparel and accessories, and dressing for absolute success
  •  Arm and legs can be troublesome areas when buying clothes. If you are self -conscious about your upper arms then wear three-quarter or half-length sleeve shirts and tops. Your    long legs will suit any style of skirt but if you are unsure what skirt will suit just remember that a skirt should end just above the slimmest part of your leg.
  • If you have big hips look for wide leg trousers in dark colors this will make you look taller and will take the attention away from the hips. Tailored pieces with a great cut are ideal for minimizing the appearance of big hips

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