August 14, 2012 @ 1:53 AM


Sterling Silver is synonymous with summer because of it coolness. One of the many reasons we love .925 Sterling Silver is because of its eye-catching luster! To stay so sparkly and maintain its shine, this precious metal requires special care. Here are a few “do’s” when it comes to caring for your Sterling Silver Jewelry:

  • Polish It: Before each wear, polish your Sterling Silver with a polishing cloth which removes light tarnish and does not scratch your jewelry.
  • Wear It Often: The best way is wearing the jewelry everyday, for the human body oil can make them keep natural and gentle.
  • Put It on Last: Exposing your jewelry to hair spray, cosmetics and perfumes can cause spots (not good!). Your jewelry should also be removed before swimming, showering, dish washing or handling bleaches, alcohols or cleansers.
  • Store It:Keep your jewelry in an airtight compartment or plastic bag to minimize tarnishing.
  • Keep It Safe: For safety reasons and to minimize scratching, jewelry should also be removed when participating in yard work, heavy cleaning or sports activities.